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You rely on your employees, and their health is the foundation of your company’s success.

Because a business is only as strong as its employees, quality health and wellness programs should be the heart of any corporate benefit package. In the workplace today, having access to comprehensive health care helps your employees live happy and productive lives — which benefits them personally and at work.

Today’s employees see health insurance coverage as a crucial component of their employment. For both recruitment and retention, having competitive health benefit programs is a priority for today’s businesses.

DCA Insurance offers HMO, PPO and POS insurance plans with the major health carriers. In addition, we offer dental insurance and vision coverage to supplement employee benefit packages. We can tailor insurance policies to meet the needs of companies of any size and will help you find the most comprehensive and cost-effective package to meet your specific needs.

Did You Know?
The Health Care Reform Act requires that, by 2014, business with more than 50 employees provide health-care coverage that meets minimum benefits. If adequate coverage is not provided to employees, the business will be subject to penalties.

Having good health insurance enables your employees, and your business, to thrive.
Good health benefits everyone.

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