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Tools to help you administer staff benefits

Let DCA Insurance be your trusted partner in providing employees with quality, affordable health and wellness benefits.

Now more than ever, Human Resources departments are called upon to serve employees in a variety of ways. From health and life insurance coverage to disability and supplemental benefits, your H.R. department needs a trusted partner in administering these crucial programs.

DCA Insurance will work closely with your business to provide the quality, personalized service you deserve. We can answer your questions and provide support for a variety of benefits-related issues. Because we custom-tailor insurance policies to meet our clients’ specific needs, you’ll also have the confidence of knowing that these packages offer you the right coverage at an affordable price.

We can also help your H.R. department administer employee benefits using the following tools and coverage options:


DCA Insurance is committed to helping our clients make informed insurance decisions by providing the most current informational resources available. We’re able to offer H.R. departments access to an award-winning online library that covers human resources, employment law and benefits issues. This can be an invaluable tool in managing a successful H.R. program.

In addition to the up-to-date policy information available from our knowledgeable staff, this online H.R. library features thousands of pages of content relevant to every business, including:

  • Federal and state employment law and benefits requirements
  • Employee benefit, insurance and recruitment information
  • Important hiring and termination information (including interviewing and screening procedures)
  • Links to hard-to-find state and federal government sites
  • Information on personal finance and retirement/estate planning
  • Access to a “reference desk,” including a dictionary/glossary of H.R. terms

Our clients are also able to download frequently used employer materials, including federal and state posters and notices, a sample Employee Handbook, and hundreds of useful forms, policies and checklists.


COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) is a federally mandated supplemental insurance program that provides temporary health insurance to recently unemployed individuals and their families.

Through COBRA, eligible workers (and their dependents) can extend the insurance coverage offered by their most recent employer. This “continuation coverage” provides temporary health care in situations where insurance benefits would normally end.

Whether through voluntary or involuntary termination, reduction in the number of hours worked, transition between jobs, death, divorce or other life events, COBRA gives workers who lose their health benefits the right to choose to continue the health coverage provided by the group health plan for a limited period of time.

Businesses with 20 or more employees are generally required to offer a temporary extension of health coverage to eligible individuals and their families. These individuals may be required to pay the entire premium for coverage through COBRA.

DCA Insurance can help answer any questions you may have about COBRA and its administration. In addition, we can help eligible employees find supplemental insurance coverage that may be important in the transition following employment.


Named after Title 26, Section 125 of the United States Code, Section 125 gives employers a way of offering health care benefits while saving on taxes and premiums for insurance and workers’ compensation. Using a flexible-spending “cafeteria plan,” employees decide what they want in health benefits coverage and contribute pre-tax dollars to the plan.

The contributions are placed in an account that the employee can use to pay for allowed expenses (health insurance premiums, medical supplies, etc.). Because employee contributions toward the plan are pre-tax, they are not subject to federal, state or social security taxes. Section 125 contribution dollars are not counted as gross income, so the employee can save significantly on both federal income tax and the overall cost of health care.

Employers can reap several benefits from a Section 125 Plan:

  • Lower Health-Care Premiums – Because employees share the cost of health-care coverage, premiums are lower for businesses, which may allow smaller employers to offer benefits.
  • FICA Contribution Savings – Employee contributions to a Section 125 Plan are not subject to social security tax (FICA); therefore, an employer is not required to pay the matching contribution. Businesses can save significantly by not paying this obligatory FICA match.
  • Workers’ Compensation Premium Savings – Since workers’ compensation premiums are determined by payroll size — and Section 125 contributions are not counted as gross income — the employer’s payroll is reduced by every contribution to a Section 125 Plan.

Section 125 may be a viable option for your business, particularly if you have a limited number of employees. DCA Insurance can help your company set up a Section 125 Plan and assist with program administration and compliance.

Let DCA Insurance be your trusted partner in providing your staff with quality, affordable benefits and care.

DCA Insurance looks forward to providing you with the professional, personalized service you deserve. Call (954) 349-7103 or e-mail us for a FREE, no-obligation quote today.