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Life Insurance

Life insurance can be a powerful tool for business success.

Offering Group Life insurance to employees is a benefit that results in loyalty and retention, and which adds to a company’s long-term success and stability.

Using a Term Life Insurance product, a business may choose to offer its employees life insurance at a variety of benefit levels. This provides an affordable, practical way for employees to obtain life insurance that protects their families or loved ones. Because employees often do not obtain life insurance on their own, having access to a group life insurance policy is a valued benefit.

Additionally, a company may choose to obtain life insurance policies for key employees. Although the death of an employee is an irreplaceable loss, the financial stability provided by a life insurance policy greatly helps calm fears during the transition period. Financially, the company will have the resources needed to continue operations and make the necessary personnel changes; both the business and its customers will be at ease knowing that financial upheaval was avoided.

Life insurance policies can also be used as valuable negotiating tools for funding Buy-Sell Agreements between business partners.

DCA Insurance can help you determine how your company would benefit from life insurance policies for employees and key personnel. You’ve worked hard to establish your business; life insurance coverage may be an appropriate measure for stabilizing and protecting the organization you’ve built.

Life Insurance Awareness Month

Did You Know?

The death of a key employee could mean financial disaster for a business. For more than 200 years, life insurance has been used by Americans to provide financial security and stability.


Life insurance gives employees peace of mind and protects business assets.
Group Life insurance can be a powerful tool for corporate success.

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