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Providing good dental insurance does more than bring smiles to employees’ faces.

Offering your employees dental insurance is a sound business decision. Millions of work-hours are lost annually because of dental issues. Studies show that employees who have access to regular dental care are less likely to develop health issues that can affect productivity.

Also, dental insurance is seen by employees as an important part of your company’s overall health and wellness benefits package. Having access to affordable dental care is a benefit that attracts qualified candidates and helps you retain satisfied employees.

At no cost, DCA Insurance will work with you to find the most cost-effective dental insurance package to supplement your employee health insurance and vision coverage. We can tailor dental insurance policies to meet the specific needs of companies of any size.

Did You Know?
Employees without dental benefits are more likely to experience a higher incidence of other health conditions including heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

Providing dental insurance to your employees helps enhance productivity and job satisfaction.
Dental insurance brings smiles all-around.

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