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LTC - Long Term Care Insurance

Offering Long-Term Care insurance benefits you and your staff.

Long-Term Care (LTC) insurance provides coverage when medical assistance is needed for an extended period of time. When disease, sudden injury or advanced age prevent an individual from taking care of him- or herself, LTC insurance helps provide support for daily living.

Employers who offer Long-Term Care insurance can improve company productivity by reducing the absenteeism associated with employee-caregiving. Offering LTC insurance can also be used as a hiring incentive or alternative to direct salary increase. Additionally, certain tax benefits may result from offering LTC insurance as part of the employee health and wellness package.

For employees, having access to Long-Term Care insurance is a valued benefit of employment. Knowing that family members will be cared for provides both peace-of-mind and enhanced employee loyalty.

Long-Term Care insurance policies can greatly reduce the expense of necessary at-home or facility services. Home services include personal care assistants, home health aides, nursing services and assisted living. LTC insurance can also cover facility services such as adult day health care and nursing homes.

DCA Insurance can help you determine how your company would benefit from offering Long-Term Care insurance to employees. LTC coverage is a forward-thinking investment in the health and wellness of your company’s valuable staff.


Did You Know?

Forty percent of individuals needing long-term care are under age 65.
(Source: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services)


Long-Term Care insurance provides benefits now and in the future.
LTC insurance can be a powerful tool for corporate success.

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